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  • More OE Level Advanced Functions – The same functions found on Professional scanners that cost $3,000 and up. Functions like Active Test, ECU Coding, Full Systems Diagnoses, up to 28 maintenance Reset Services, Full OBD2 Functions, Auto VIN Scan., DPF Regens, and more.
  • Diagnostic Report – Share an automatically generated diagnostic report instantly via email or to the THINK Community. You’re not alone when your Trucks, LCV’s breaks down.
  • Exclusive Applications – Exclusive app ensures a stable and reliable in-app Bluetooth connection. Turn your beloved smartphone (Android) into a top-level diagnostic scanner.
  • Cover Up to 115 Major Vehicle Manufacturers – THINKDIAG obd2 scanner covers 115 major vehicle manufacturers on the market today with continued updates.
  • All Systems Diagnoses:
    • THINKDIAG serves to diagnose the health status of all your vehicle’s systems. By analyzing the displayed DTCs and Data stream, the fault area can be easily located.
  • Active Tests / Bi-directional Control:
    • When you can’t easily find out the root cause, THINKDIAG provides you with the active tests to know if vehicle devices (wipers, door controls, windows, a/c, engine fans, idle control, etc.) is functioning or not.
  • Full OBD2 10-Mode Functions:
    • NO SUBSCRIBTION needed for complete OBD2 functions (I/M readiness, freeze frame, vehicle information, etc.). Help detect emission-related problems directly. So if you for whatever reason choose not to renew your annual software subscription, you will always have these capabilities.
  • Improving The Vehicle’s Performance:

    The THINKDIAG not only allows you to detect the problem, but you can also improve them and prevent them from failing. It serves as a preventative solution, and can increase the vehicle’s work performance and longevity.

    • ECU Codings:
      • Feel free to change the preprogrammed options already existent in the software. Through the ECU coding, you can activate cornering headlights with fog lights, deactivate some buzzing sounds, and enable multiple functions of the comfort module.
    • 28 Reset Services:
      • Up to 28 service functions, which enables you to quickly access to the vehicle systems for various maintenance at intervals. RESET AFS, RESET BLEED, RESET TPMS, RESET BOX, RESET BRAKE, RESET DPF, RESET EGR, RESET ETS, etc.
    • MIL Turn-off:
      • Meet tricky malfunction indicator light? You can use THINKDIAG to turn the MIL off by simply erasing the DTCs. Tip: the MIL will appear again if you don’t fix the related problems upfront.

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