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KessV2 ECU remapping tool

The KessV2 allows chip tuners to easily read and write chip tuning files to the engine control unit ( ECU) of different vehicles. The Kess V2 is an OBD tuning tool which connects to the vehicle through the OBD port. The KessV2 can tune the following vehicles within minutes through the OBD port of the vehicle:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Boats
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Trucks
  • DSG gearboxes

Why we like it – The Kess can tune over 6000 vehicles and probably has the largest selection of tuneable vehicles through the OBD port. Due to the price, the simplicity of the tool, the reliability during reading and writing and the number of vehicles that the KessV2 can tune it is our preferred tool for first-time users.

Services that can be offered with the KessV2 – With the Kess V2 chip tuning tool you can read and write tuning files through the OBD port of the vehicle. Once you are able to read and write tuning files you can offer services such as performance tuning, custom tuning, DSG tuning, and DTC deletes.

Chip Tuning File – Once you have a Kess V2 you will need a chip tuning files to write to the car. Tuned2Race can supply you with a wide range of chip tuning files for all the services you plan to offer.

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